Friday, August 27, 2010

So here it begins

I'm currently on to show number two of the three today. It is a Saturday which means three shows today - the most of the whole week. I like Saturdays for the sake of it keeping me busy but I also dislike them for the same reason, if we're in a nice town where I could be doing something else - I don't like them - but if we're out the back of nowhere (like now.. French's Forest.. pfft) then they are a brilliant and prevent me from playing countless hours of CoD.. (XBL GT: Willjuggles, by the way).
At moment I can't think of what else to write, I'm planning on making a new video soon in collaboration with Cody Harrington, a gnarly juggler I've met through circus. I'm really looking forward to creating the video and actually having something to film other than sticking a camera on a tripod, so I hopefully I can be a bit creative in that aspect.

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